If you have dreamed of having an outdoor oasis that inspires you everytime you pull up to your home, look no further. we create outdoor areas that leave you neighbors in awe. We love designing and building your the backyard of you dreams. We pride ourselves on not only building but maintaining your landscaping. we keep edges sharp and  foliage lush. Our design expertise is unparalleled. We can design a breathtaking layout for any occasion to spruce up your curb appeal. No Doubt You will Have the best looking yard on the block 

About Our


When it comes to Landscaping there is no one that does it like we do. With over a decade of experience in the industry we are able to offer you breathtaking Landscapes around your home. If you are looking at getting the outside of your home designed to be conducive to inspiration then please let us help you. We can get your outdoor area looking great right away.  It is very easy for us to come over and set up a consultation. We go over what the design is going to be and help craft a design that is really an extension of your vision. You as a client are always going to come first and your vision is always at the Forefront of our focus. We do not cut Corners we make sure that we’re looking at every Edge and design aspect of your yard so that we can take advantage of the lay of the land and really help accentuate you and your home with the Landscaping that we put around your yard.

 We use nothing but the best materials out there. The Landscaping that we do is going to last a long time because of the thorough tedious detail that we put into every installation that we do. We are more than capable of pruning and planting the garden as well. When you see us leave you will be able to walk out in your yard and look at pure beauty. We are very good at not only creating designs that are very all inspiring but also very immaculate.

We do it all!

 Keeping clean edges around your Landscaping is important to us. One way that we do that is by keeping debris away from the Landscaped areas and making sure that your yard is contoured around them. Cleaning is very important to us. We do not want to leave debris or brush in your yard after we leave. We see that many other companies just simply do not clean up after themselves. We clean up our mess every time and make sure that we’re leaving your home looking absolutely pristine. We assure you that when we work with you we are going to not only build you a yard that is going to make you happy but one that is going to make you want to spend time in it. Getting this Landscaping is going to give you something that feels inspiring to pull up to. When people drive by your home they will also be inspired.

 Inspiration is the key word here. We want something that is going to make you want to spend time in it. If your yard does not make you want to spend time in it then it may have not been designed by us. We have experts that have again been experienced with over a decade of past jobs under their belt and are able to leverage that knowledge to help you get your dream Oasis bill right Outdoors around your home.

 Our Landscaping is more affordable than many other companies because we know what we’re doing. We’re not going to waste any time and make sure that we’re staying under budget and that we’re getting done by the specific deadline. We are very courteous and professional and our crew is always going to put the client first and make sure that we have an open line of transparent conversation with you. We want to feel like an extension of you. We are just creating the dream that you have helped us design. We want to make sure that you are always able to have questions answered or check up on us throughout this process. This is one of the main reasons that people love working with us before going to other outdoor service companies.


 You will be taking advantage of countless  benefits of having exceptional landscaping. We can offer exotic grasses, bushes and trees that help provide cooler temperatures around your yard when you’re spending time in it. This obviously leads to more family time and everyone loves that. The fact that you will have an outdoor area to spend time in is going to give you and your family somewhere to bond. This is going to improve the quality of life that you have as well as give you memories that you can look back on for years. Other benefits that are involved with Landscaping are going to be keeping your yard from eroding. Having those retaining walls put in is going to alleviate any type of slide in the dirt or grass in your yard and keep it from deteriorating.  Another huge benefit of getting Landscaping put into your home is going to be the fact that it’s going to raise the equity in your home. If you are looking at adding more value to your home before you end up selling it, this is a great way to do so. You can add this landscaping and create a backyard Sanctuary for you and your family as well as  put money back in your pocket by adding Equity to the property. There is no better time to get a landscape look at then right now. Let us come out and design something fantastic for you.

Why Choose Us?

 Affordable Landscaping

We offer very affordable options for you when you are getting Landscaping done. depending on what type of landscaping that you’re wanting we can use specific materials that are more cost-effective without sacrificing quality. we can also look at really making things very clean and simple and functional which is going to save you money as well. looking at getting plants that don’t take a lot of care is another thing that can save you time and money and are always that we’re going to make this the most affordable quality outdoor Landscaping in the Claremore area. there is no one else in Claremore that is going anywhere else but right here at Leamy lawn care.

Increase Property Value

There is no better way to gain equity in your home than to invest in landscaping. the first thing that people see whenever they show up to your home is going to be the outside. if the outside of the home looks Lush with beautiful vegetation and trees for shade as well as beautifully installed walkways and rocked off Gardens it’s going to definitely give them a breathtaking view. if you are interested in creating more value in the property that you own definitely think about getting landscaping and adding to that aesthetic. as I’ve pointed out in other benefits getting those shaded areas and walkways is also going to really help people want to spend time in that area which is going to be a great selling point if you are trying to increase the value of your property.

Functional Designs

We offer functional designs. the Landscaping that we do is going to look great aesthetically but it’s also going to be functional for you and your family. if you have kids that are going to want to run around the yard and play in it then you want to make sure that the Landscaping that you have is going to be able to stand up to the test of time. our Landscaping is done by comprehensive technicians with over a decade of experience in landscaping and it’s going to last longer than  you even thought possible.  we focus on integrity and building substantial structures in the yard so that they are very sturdy. we also use very good rock and are very knowledgeable about what plants and what landscaping materials are going to work best in your area and for what you’re wanting. everyone’s outdoor dream is different and we can now help you create yours.

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